Wander & Explore
A strong desire to discover the World.

A collection for all of you that desire to travel across his own DNA, even because we believe that the motto “not all wander are lost” is really true.
We have tried to create a series of graphics, precisely four of them, that remind us a primordial sensation of discovery of the surrounding world, breathtaking landscapes, or weirdness views.
We really appreciated the collaboration with the Slovenian rising artist Dominik Salmic who worked together lots of hardcore band from all over the world aiming to create a timeless design with the t-shirt “Not All Who Wander Are Lost”.
The photographic part has been handled in two different moments. Firstly by Alberto Bocca and the model Giulia Osservati, and then by Morgan Tedd, an English photographer that, with Duncan Cal, made us breath the essence of the antiques and fascinating English forests through his pics.

Location: Birmingham, UK.
Photographer: Morgan Tedd
Model: Duncan Cal