The Kraken & The Wave

The Kraken & The Wave is a collection which blends the modern streetwear conceived by Rebel Mind studio with the thousand-years old seven seas tales.
A concept collection based on few but essential articles, The Kraken, The Wave and Davy Jones, with a unique thread, the coexistence of texts, typical of the latest street brands, and designs that take back to the Rebel Mind origins. From the basic design of the Davy Jones tee, to the collaboration with Nicola Burini, prominent neo-traditional tattooer, passing through the re-elaboration of the Kraken and Sailor, Satyrus and Memento Mori designs for the most nostalgic and with the newest "Sailors" and "The Deep Dark Sea" prints, all that is The Kraken & Wave.

Location: Vigevano, PV.
Photographer: Andrea Ricciardi
Model: Alberto Bocca & Giulia Osservati
MUA: Giulia Osservati