Introducing The New Packaging | Rebel Mind Co.

In the last few months we spent plenty of days trying to improve every enjoyable side of the Rebel Mind Co. experience: first we began with the shop, it is now safer and up to a demanding audience; then we went through our products and obviously we didn’t omit the packaging, the quintessence of the online shopping.
We combined elegance and diy creating a
product unique in each one of its aspects thanks to custom stamps: starting from the one for the logo, to a large size one that creates a real patchwork of words, sentences and mottos, and finishing with a third one that is addressed to you because in the end it is you who make us better, and so we wanted to create a message that makes you feel welcomed like you feel in your home or in your group of trusty buddies.
So, each one of our boxes, is not only meant to protect your purchase but it has many purpose for another life: you can recycle it like an element of home furniture or like a box where you can keep photos or postcards.
Actually, we are very curious to find out how will you recycle them!